Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The point where State and Fanaticism Collude - Right to speak is banned in Margoa

In Margoa police and SDM(Sub divisional Magistrate) Derek neto banned a public talk on "Communal Threats to Secular Democracy in India". Permitting this public talk would result in Communal tension they stated this as a reason.

These state machinaries didn't bother and ban When Thokadia, Advani and other Sang parivar Monkeys propagating lies and spreading communal riots all around India, but tend to ban even a discussion against them clearly shows which side these State machinaries are serving. The state machine, which servs Imperialism, and The Parpiniyam are always stand togather is once again proved.

Talk on communal harmony in Goa stopped

CEC: 'SDM's decision to stop public talk in Goa was wrong'